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Sugar Addiction,  
Emotional Eating &
Radical Health Transformations

1:1 Coaching 
Group 21 Day Resets 
All Virtually, We Can Coach & Reset Together From Anywhere 
How I can help.

I help high achieving women lose weight, break through emotional eating, and reclaim their energy.


Emotional Eating Quiz:

  • Do you eat when you're not actually hungry?

  • Do you eat foods that you know are bringing your body down? (Sugar, junk food, chips, excess carbs, etc.? )

  • Do you have a history of yo-yo dieting?

  • Do you do well for a little while and then fall back into old destructive eating behaviors?


I'm Ellie,

Certified Weight Loss and Emotional Eating Coach.

I am a former chemical engineer with a long history of overcoming binge eating, sugar addiction, weight loss struggles, autoimmunity and thyroid issues; I have now coached hundreds of clients to lose weight, heal chronic health conditions, and transform their relationship with food.


I Help You Create A Healthy Lifestyle without feeling deprived, so you can lose weight, feel amazing in your body, and break out of toxic dieting cycles.


  • Lose Weight

  • Break Sugar Addiction

  • Stop Binge Eating

  • Heal IBS & Digestive issues

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Create Healthy Routines That Last

  • Understand foods that work for you in your busy life


As your coach, I provide you personalized guidance, support and accountability to design a program around YOU to help you follow through for yourself like never before. You will always be set up for success WITHOUT DEPRIVATION.

And the best part is we can work together from anywhere!

Coaching Services

Ellie's Services

This is the LIVE Group Program I lead only a couple times a year to reset your health, get into healthy routines, and jumpstart your momentum to lose weight, boost energy, and feel your best.

The Mindfulbellie
21 Day Reset

Guidance, support, and accountability to:

  • Breakthrough destructive eating behaviors ​​

  • Find food freedom

  • Transform your mental and physical health

  • Become the highest version of yourself

1:1 Coaching
Live Breathwork Classes

Daily Live Breathwork to:

  • Release Stress 

  • Increase Focus and Energy

  • Process stuck emotions

  • Find deep states of peace + gratitude

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 8.28.49 AM.png

Shan A.

"After coaching with Ellie, I'm down 49 lbs!

I feel like this is a true lifestyle change."

Screen Shot 2020-12-30 at 8.37.37 AM.png

Ruthie P.

"Ellie! Update-

I'm down 52 lbs, and that's AFTER the holidays and parties!" 


Lally M.

"Ellie, Thank you so much for everything.

I feel better than I ever have, I look healthier, and I am the happiest I ever thought possible." 

"In just the first 12 weeks of working with Ellie, I lost 26 lbs and was able to finally get off my high blood pressure medication."

Brad, Age 59

Contact Me

I'll be in touch soon!

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