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Workplace Wellness Services

The diseases of our modern world: anxiety, depression, insomnia, suicide. All of these are largely due to overstressed nervous systems, poor diet, and feelings of loneliness. 

I provide your employees with virtual and in-person sessions and classes for optimal mental health, performance, team building, and overall workplace happiness. 

  • Mental Health Workshops

  • Physical Health Workshops

    • i.e. Kick the Sugar Habit,  Eating for Optimal Performance 

  • Guided Meditations

  • Guided Breathwork (Transformational, Somatic Release, Wim Hof Breathwork)

  • Yoga Classes (various styles) 

  • Wim Hof + Ice Baths (Cold Plunges)

Other Offerings: 

  • Team Morning Routines

  • Team Retreats (Half Day, Full Day, Weekend) 


Interested in a workplace wellness event? 
Contact Ellie's Team at:

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