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Hi, I'm Ellie

I've been a Certified Holistic Health and Weight Loss coach for over 6 years.

I am a former Chemical engineer who overcame a history of binge eating, sugar addiction, weight loss struggles, autoimmunity and thyroid issues; I have now coached hundreds of clients to lose weight, heal chronic health conditions, and transform their relationship with food. 


I Help My Clients: 

  • Lose Weight

  • Have more energy

  • Break Sugar Addiction 

  • Stop Binge Eating 

  • Heal IBS & Digestive issues 

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Create Healthy Routines That Last 

  • Understand foods that work for your body and into your busy life


As your coach, I provide you personalized guidance, support and accountability to design a program around YOU to help you follow through for yourself like never before. You will always be set up for success WITHOUT DEPRIVATION. 

And the best part is we can work together from anywhere!

  • Lose Weight

  • Increase Energy 

  • Increase Confidence 

  • Break Through Sugar & Food Addiction

  • Stop Binge Eating 

  • Get of medications 

  • Heal IBS , digestive disorders, Autoimmune conditions, and other health related conditions. 

  • And More.

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