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6 Week 

Kick the Sugar Group 

A 6 Week Group Coaching Container with Ellie 

to break through sugar cravings, stop binge eating, and show up consistently for yourself,

so you can feel your best and enjoy life the way you deserve

Begins Week of June 27
Only 12 Spots

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Our 6 Week Mission

After these 6 weeks, our mission is that you: 

  • You are no longer craving sugar

  • You are in healthy routines and feel motivated

  • You feel so much better in your body 

  • You feel confident in yourself and your food choices

  • You are not reaching for food out of stress or boredom

  • You are consistently showing up for yourself

What does the 6 Weeks Include? 

  • Weekly Group Coaching Call with Ellie via Zoom

  • Kick the Sugar Coaching

  • Emotional Eating Tools to transform your relationship with food

  • Goal Setting

  • Meal Planning 

  • Ongoing Accountability 

  • Ellie's guidance and support between your weekly sessions

  • Group Support throughout the week to keep you motivated and encouraged

  • Ellie's Toolkit to navigate any social event, dining out, fast food, quick snacks, stressful days, and more. 

  • Bonus- Meditation, Breathwork, and Guest Speakers <3

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Fall Salad

Why do so many "diet" programs fail?

Many programs just focus on the "What to Eat" 

This typically works for a temporary period of time... but then we fall back into old patterns and end up gaining the weight back, binging on ice cream, craving sugar... and it's SO FRUSTRATING. 

This program is SO much more than just telling you, "Eat this, not that."

We are absolutely going to personalize your meal plan and focus on what you are eating, but we also have to look at the emotional component that drives sugar cravings and binge eating behaviors. 

We are going to dive deep into your habits, into your stress management, and into your emotional management systems, so that after these 6 Weeks you are not falling back into old patterning. 

You will feel strong and confident in your ability to navigate life stressors without compulsively reaching for food and falling back into old cycles. 

You are worth feeling so good in your body and energy.


Believe in yourself. You can do this.

You Don't have to do it alone.  

Guidance and Accountability make all of the difference in the world.


There is no such thing as failure in this program, only feedback. <3 

Throughout this program you will see your inner critic transform. 

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