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21 Day Reset

Fall 2020

Begins: Monday Oct 5
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This 21 day reset is NOT about depriving you of food or counting calories. It is about:

  • Learning what is right for YOUR body

  • Prioritizing YOU 

  • Transforming your mindset around food and stress.


In these 21 days you will learn how to make healthy eating and stress management work into a crazy modern lifestyle...even if right now that looks like working from home, homeschooling 2 kids, and not washing your hair for days (weeks) at a time :)

I'm here to take the guess work out of it and streamline the process. I will be with you every step of the way providing GUIDANCE, SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY to follow through for your best self. 


21 Day Reset Includes:

Testimonials from the 21 Day Reset Summer Series 

Lets Do This! 

1. 21 Days of Live Nutrition and Mindful Eating Coaching with Ellie 

+ Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls 

Topics: Personalized Meal Planning, Navigating Challenges, Goal Setting, & setting you up for success each week.

2. My 21-Day Reset Tool Kit:

  • Sample Meal Plans 

  • Shopping lists & guides

  • Recipes: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Lists for Go-To snacks

  • Fast Food and Take Out Guides

  • Tons of Simple Food Swaps

  • Healthy cocktails and MORE!

3. Private Facebook Accountability Group 

Support and accountability through a Private Facebook  Accountability Group

*Optional if you don't use FB


4. Daily Live Virtual Fitness

HIIT, Pilates, Yoga, & Guest Trainers

5. Daily Live Guided Meditations/ Breath Work

6. Guest Trainers and Expert Speakers​! 

  • Stop stress & boredom eating

  • Lose Weight 

  • Increase Energy

  • Conquer Cravings

  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress

  • Build healthy routines and rituals

It's time to ...

It's a lifestyle change that goes beyond 21 days. It changes your mindset & your body.

Lindsay R.

21 Day Reset

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